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roll rolling rolling dough
mixing spoon go over oh

all you ever do in life is cut in the line
first and second kindergarten
and preschool

haven't you considered that it might be just fine
to take you button eyes off yourself and look at mine

everything I thought to be the truth was a lie
teeth and finger switched, i've got a mouth for an eye
bobbin in this ocean and I'm looking for visions
can't control my mockery or calm my derision

make your own cookie cut
cuz' you're a cookie cutter and
we all use the same
dough, bread and butter

i'm a shape-shifting batter-ball inside of the oven
your cookie-cutter edges all scrapin' and rubbin'
doesn't matter how many sprinkles you got if you're rotten

candy canes and lollipops and gingerbread
get these devils outta my head

stop thinkin' about how good your frosting looks and leave it all to the cooks

eat, eatin' people's feet
eatin' their arms and legs and eyes
eat, eatin' people's feet
eatin' their tongues and lungs and stomachs
eat, eatin' people's feet
eatin' their livers and brains and hearts

look's like you didn't stay in the oven long enough
to cook yourself all the way through

why can't you decide
choose a shape that you like
don't you dare lie
turn the fire up high and

doughy cookie listen to me
don't you know you're gummy gooey
melt inside a person's mouth
and cause them to spit you out

make your own cookie cut
cuz' you're a cookie cutter and
we all use the same
dough, oven and butter

so go to bed (without me)
we're all turning red (watching you)
serve the bidding of the devils in your head

gingerbread (human man)
injured head (no not yet)
don't eat me (no please don't)
the dead aren't my friends


from Brain​-​Damaged Toon Underworld, released July 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Manuka Piglet Albuquerque, New Mexico

folk pop band from albuquerque consisting of sam roberts, calvary fisher, ian carrillo and andy herman

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