Saving Grace Beyond the Kitchen

by Manuka Piglet

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released March 30, 2014

sam roberts - vocals, guitar, synthesizers, accordion, sfx, recording, production
calvary fisher - vocals, mandolin, cover art
ian carrillo - bass, ocarina, melodica, backup vocals
andy herman - drums, backup vocals

jasmin valdez - backup vocals
matt kletecka - electric guitar, noise
patrick goff - clarinet

all songs written by sam roberts except "don't destroy the sun" written by calvary fisher and "timmy's theme" written by ian carrillo and andy herman

thank you for listening : )



all rights reserved


Manuka Piglet Albuquerque, New Mexico

folk pop band from albuquerque consisting of sam roberts, calvary fisher, ian carrillo and andy herman

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Track Name: Our Beautiful
my, what a beautiful world it is
i'm happy to exist at all
you are a violent and fragile thing
and you make me feel so small

and without you i would crumble away
through the dust and decay you wouldn't notice
can you really stand to watch them bleed
through sloth and greed our tears lose focus

but i don't wanna tell you how to live your life
when every day's a pain to get up and decide for me

you won't find it through your watch and wine
but through sweat and grime we can avoid the wasps and locusts
you can save yourself or save your brothers
either way you'll find that the monster ate the other

and a tiger growls
and the elephants howl
and the monkeys screech
and the humans teach their younglings to play with matches

and the jellyfish sting
and the bluejays sing
and the tapeworms leech
and the humans teach their younglings to play with matches
and melt their faces into tiny little ashes

we will burn the forests
we will burn them down
we will burn the embers
and we will burn ourselves
until we can't
Track Name: Don't Destroy the Sun
the sun is out all night
the chinese must thoroughly enjoy its light
don't destroy the sun
that would leave the tvs blaming us

i won't, i won't go

the sun is out all day
corporations thoroughly detest its rays
don't destroy the sun
that would mean the death of all my pumpkins

i won't, i won't go

and i won't die on purpose
what could rid the earth of all pollution?

i won't, i won't go
Track Name: Postworld (The Sun Explodes)
a day is almost over
flowers in the park
golden gleaming sparks

so we sat around in shellshock
every single day
nothing much to say

the sky was tipping over
from blue to white and sober
all these plants are pots

and as we flee for cover
in underground them shelter
daffy duck tears the cloth

people stood and watched it
corpses in the mud
soak up all my sun (stains)

and america man stood over on the other side
too bad his honey wasn't made with pride

bright as the sun but colder
we suddenly looked older
i don't care who lost

and as we flee in cover
in underground them shelter
as the bombs went off

go to the place and you will find nothing's there anymore
go find the face and you will see everything in a different place it was before

sitting by a frozen pond at night
the fire's warm the air is bright
and you just axe me
axe me

the flowers in your sockets growing bigger
you are insane before you're bread
and you ask me
ask me

"don't you want to know why you are wrong"

four cheers everybody spit your glue
i swallowed the earth but the earth is swallowing me too
and now what will i do
if you win the war you're a whore but if you lose
then how does anyone remember you, love

stumbled in a warp hole and i found the liar
we gave him credit because it's hard to be inspired by a choir

why do you leave
why do you leave
why do you leave
why do you leave
the shampoo in the drainer
is there nothing else to say
or should i just wait later
my waiter

please tell me why the sun explodes

cuz everybody knows
nothing ever stays
and if you ask me who you are
i'll ask if everything's okay?
Track Name: Winter Song
you know that the seasons change when the fox melts in the snow
a hundred thousand butterflies and their wings shatter in the cold
but it's ok because i know they'll come back

you know that the seasons change when the birds stop croaking noises in my ears
and frosty dies again as the children claw his eyes out with a smile
please smile
because it's lovely

snow's falling all around the world
onto the tongues of boys and girls
snow's piling up inside my home
i try to thaw it off my window
but i wanted to tell you to tie your shoes

la la la la la la

in the end we'll see where we'll all be (if we all freeze)
i don't know what's real

i don't care what's real
Track Name: Else's Party
fear is on our side
and i don't know what i would have done without him
he says open wide
he is watching us go home alone
and then i let it go
but where is home
how should i know?
i don't

you used to think that there was a guiding light in a world of slow descent (oh how nice it was to think that)

weren't we all so happy then

all i need is something sweet to eat you know
you say you cannot believe that it's true
but i know you do

all i hear is just the voice of a world that's here
and i cannot believe that it is true
but i just know i do
i do (else's party)

i know
Track Name: Stillborn Sons
we are sailors of the stars
we are the fishermen yes we are
we wrote a story but they left it on their boat sank in the sea

we had everything we needed
money's not worth anything anymore
when all of your sisters ride on the back of a wagon in 1964

and the house started choking when you took to smoking
and all i could think of was dying or something
and all of our brothers were floating away
as i flush up the ocean and down in the drain they are free

hooray, for me and all my friends say
Track Name: Cynics / Timmy's Theme
someday i'll watch the sun explode and melt away the sky
i'll see the beauty of the universe as my body bursts apart and my eyeballs turn to flames

dear lord, (oh god) is this the end (i hope not)
is there anything to hope for in a world of make pretend
i hope so

i know the world is full of awful yucky evil people lost without their fucking brain-stems so they steal them under steeples and they eat them

and am i one of them?
oh lord i hope i'm not one of them

dear lord, is this the end?
what is the meaning of a world that no one sees or hears or feels or tastes or anything?
i don't know