Dog Songs

by Manuka Piglet

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released January 10, 2014

sam roberts - vocals, guitar, synths, sfx, recording, production
calvary fisher - vocals, mandolin, recorder, bell
ian carrillo - bass, ocarina, accordion
andy herman - drums, shaker, toy drums

all songs written by sam roberts



all rights reserved


Manuka Piglet Albuquerque, New Mexico

folk pop band from albuquerque consisting of sam roberts, calvary fisher, ian carrillo and andy herman

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Track Name: Hello My Fearless Dog I Love You
hello my fearless dog i love you the way i love my best friend
and you can save yourself from dying if we could make amends
but ohio, we must pretend
Track Name: Fern (Is My Dog)
fern is my dog, she loves to talk
and when the morning comes she'll do it nonstop
she likes to pee and menstruate all over my bed and it makes me irate

and i love you

fern is my dog, she pisses me off
you'll hear the aliens are crying out cuz' i don't know what else to blow up
fern is my dog, i know her well,

and i love you, dog

and when the morning comes i'll clean up her throw up
Track Name: Oscar
oscar was my dog until he died
and i cried
cuz' flower pots could never keep him alive
just in time
and when he went away i thought i'd always be the same but no
and anyway our time is still a ticking from a two and fro

so you'll be in our spirits and hearts
what the world cannot desire is a carousel on fire but
you'll be here too

so you'll be in our bodies and minds
with the floating cogs and basketball courts
and crying in the shower but
you will be there too
Track Name: Twix Interlude
how does it feel when you run out of twix
that's it
no chocolate covered sticks

how can i go back in time to find the other bar
that i ate
i hate that advertisement
Track Name: Laika
there is a will
there is a way
there is a dog i'm dreaming of
her name is laika from the u.s.s.s.r.

they tried to take her
and deface her
and place her on a rocket ship
that blasts off far from pluto, saturn, earth, and even mars
but when i saw the cosmonauts they weren't sure what else that they could do
and when at last i heard you died i know a tiny chunk of me did too

and in november 57
laika launched into the heaven
and we knew she'd never come back to the ground where she was bred in
and the shuttle started heating
there was no air left to breath in
and poor laika died away without a sound but her heart beating
like a drum
how fun
and now we'll never hear it
like the skeleton of a dog who flies through space until she's eaten by some aliens in the sky who don't know anything about me either

la la la

when i saw the rockets fly i wasn't sure what else that i could say
and if at last you hadn't died this song would never have been sung today